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Testing of Anti-microbial Dressings

Microbial Transmission Test (1)

Zone of Inhibition Test (1)

Barrier Test (2,3)

Challenge Test (1)

Log-reduction test (4)
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General Anti-microbial Testing

We undertake standard anti-microbial test including:- assessment of Minimal Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) and Minimal Bacteriocidal  Concentration (MBC)
Models of wound Infection
We undertake pre-clinical studies to investigate the impact of anti-infective therapies on infected wounds. Further Information on request
Wound Healing Models Physical Testing Protease Regulation / Modulation Anti-Microbial Efficacy Testing Haemostat Assessment Bio-compatibility / degradation
anti-microbial efficacy testing
Pre-clinical Research - Anti-Microbial Efficacy Testing