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Physical Testing of Dressings

Test Methods for Primary Wound Dressings (European Standard EN 13726-1 2002)

Part 1  Aspects of absorbency

  Free swell absorbency     

  Fluid handling capacity

  Fluid affinity of amorphous hydrogel dressings

  Gelling characteristics

  Dispersion characteristics

  Dispersion/solubility of hydrogel dressings  

Part 2  Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate of permeable film dressings

  MVTR of a wound dressing when in contact with water vapour

  MVTR of a wound dressing when in contact with liquid

Part 3  Waterproofness

British Pharmacopoeia (BP 1993) - Standard Methods

Dressing specific tests

Alginate dressings

Polyurethane Foam dressings


Semi-Permeable Hydrocolloid dressings

Film Dressings

Additional Methods

Wicking testing

Wound dressing test method development
Wound dressing methods

Water Vapour Permeability



Water Soluble Substances

Water Retention Capacity
Physical testing of dressings, paddington cup,

To determine & compare the physical characteristics of dressings.
‘Paddington Cup’ for measurement of fluid handling capacity & MVTR according to EN 13726:1 (2002)
Wound Healing Models Physical Testing Protease Regulation / Modulation Anti-Microbial Efficacy Testing Haemostat Assessment Bio-compatibility / degradation